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Stacey + Lee

It was a gorgeous morning for our sunrise engagement session. We had a fun time with Stacey and Lee and can not wait for their February wedding.

How did you both meet?

When I first moved to Florida from Michigan in June 2011, I started working at a local pub while going through graduate school. On the weekends, the pub had live music and as a side job when he was off shift from the fire station Lee worked the door checking IDs. I knew who he was but was apparently oblivious and too shy because he had tried to ask me out for months! He even tried to get me to workout with him! Finally, we began talking more and more and ended up going on a date-instead of working out-and the rest is history!

How did Lee propose?
Lee and I were fortunate enough to live together for a few months before we got engaged. One night while at home together we were talking with my mom and sister via Skype who still live in Michigan. I am so close with both of them so we love to be able to Skype a lot. This night, all seemed normal until Lee went over to his fishing tackle box and pulled out a ring. He had hidden the ring there because he said this was the only place I wouldn’t look. When he came back he
got down on one knee next to me and proposed! My mom, my sister, and I were losing it! It was such a fun, romantic, and special moment and it was awesome to be able to share it with the most important people in my life.




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