Elysa + Ross’s Riverbend Park Engagement Session / Jupiter Wedding Photographer

Elysa + Ross

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon for Elysa & Ross and we had a wonderful time moving around the park capturing their engagement session. Thank you both for a great afternoon and we are looking forward to your wedding next May.

How did you both meet? Ross spotted me from across the bar. We were both out with friends and it turned out that I knew the girl he was with. He told her that he thought I was cute and then she told me. I walked over to him and we instantly hit it off.. 3 weeks later we were dating.

How did Ross propose? He proposed to me at a going away party for our best friends!! On August 4, 2012 we had a going away party at our favorite sushi place Masamune (we went on a Monday night date there every week for about 5 months) that we threw. There was about 30 of our friends there and when Ross made a speech about our friends saying goodbye….he then called me up and asked me to marry him. It was the best day of my life. I will never forget it and have the whole moment on video all of our friends knew except for me!!!!


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