South Florida Fair Engagement Session

Tammie + David

How did you both meet? David and I met at the gym where he and I both worked. He was in sales and I was a trainer. David was always a big jokester and always made me laugh. He was so easy to talk to that I would ask him advice about dating!!! He asked me out and because he was a joker I thought he was kidding so I kept saying no. After asking some off the other girls at work what they thought, they confirmed he was NOT joking! I finally said yes and the rest is history.

How did David propose? David and I fell for each other through our love for health and fitness. David and I used to take a boot camp at our local gym. One day I wasn’t feeling well so I skipped it. Little did I know I skipped the wrong day!! He went to boot camp as normal that day to make it look not so suspicious. After boot camp was over David called me and told me he thinks he broke his ankle! Now to be honest the first thing I thought of was “oh great, what am I supposed to do?!” I told him I was on my way to the gym to pick him up and we would go to the hospital. On my way to the gym I call my mom because let’s be honest mothers know exactly what to do in every situation. Except this one she kind of just brushed it off her shoulder. I arrive at the gym, there is David in the middle of soccer field. I walk over to him and notice his ankle was not broken! He got up, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Then out of the bushes my mom, my grandmother, my future sister in law and my future brother in law come running!!! David told me there was no place else he would have done it since we met in the gym. It was absolutely perfect!!!

Why did you choose the South Florida Fair for your engagement shoot? Well, if you know David and I you know that we are the two goofiest people ever! We live by the motto “Don’t take life too seriously” laughing and having fun together is just what we do. I felt the South Florida Fair would be the perfect place to display our colorful and bright relationship and come on… how fun is it to be able to eat cotton candy while taking pictures.

Where are you getting married and what is your vision for your wedding day? We chose The Wanderers Club in Wellington Florida. We chose that location because it is a formal country club with a touch of rustic feels. The greenery and the atmosphere is exactly what we wanted. Our vision for our big day is black tie with a touch of vintage/elegant feels. We want everything about our wedding to be different. We want people to be talking about our wedding for years to come!!

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