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Jillian + David

How did you both meet? Actually, David and I met at a nightclub in downtown West Palm Beach. That night was a spur of the moment girls night out. At the time my group of girlfriends all had significant others, and they happened to all be arguing with their boyfriends. So, I had suggested we all go out for a fun girls night out. At the club, David was there with his brother and a group of his friends. Well, David’s brother began to talk to one of my girlfriends and asked if I would be interested in talking to his brother David. I said sure and the rest is history. I have heard many people say, “you can’t find your future husband at the club”. Well, I am here to say you absolutely can!!

How did David propose? My family, David and myself all went on a family Christmas cruise. Before we all left for the cruise, David had asked for my parents permission to propose. Of course they were excited and said yes. David’s plan was to propose while on the cruise but he wasn’t sure at what moment he wanted to ask me. So, my parents had asked just for a “heads up” before he proposed. We had left on Christmas Eve, and that night we were all in the main dining room for dinner. During dinner David had decided to propose to me at the end of our meal. I noticed he was acting nervous during dinner and he hadn’t eaten that much. When my Dad announced he was going to skip dessert to lay down, I had noticed David’s nerves intensify. Quickly, David asked my Dad if he was going to bed and my Dad perks up and responds, “Maybe not, I’ll stick around for dessert.” Unbeknownst to me, that was my parents “heads up” and now they are on alert. Next, I hear David say that he dropped his napkin and as I turn to look at him, he’s on his knee with a ring in his hand! David tells me he loves me and if I will marry him. I immediately begin to cry and say yes! My family and everyone in the dining room begins to whistle and applaud us. The remainder of the cruise, we had people approaching us and congratulating us on our engagement. It was a magical moment for not only David and myself, but also for my family.

What was your most memorable moment on your wedding day? Defiantly our first look! We are so happy we did a first look. It gave us a private moment just for us to see each other for the first time. I am so glad we had taken that time to do a first look. It allowed us to live in the moment and let it all sink in.

What inspired your vision for your wedding day? My inspiration was to have a beautiful, glamorous and classic wedding day. Our wedding colors were light pink, white and cream with a lot of bling. I feel with all the planning and preparing we achieved a wonderful wedding day!

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding?
We would defiantly recommend a first look. Your wedding day will be busy and go by so quickly. I feel a first look lets you and your spouse have that private time. It allows you to have a moment to embrace each other and tell one another how much you love them. I also recommend living in the moment and taking the time to let your day sink in. Also, try not to worry too much, everything will come together beautifully.

Ceremony/Reception: Deer Creek Country Club – Getting ready: DoubleTree Hilton – Hair & Makeup: Bombshell Makeovers – D.J: Eddie B & Company – Officiant: Bishop Alexander


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