Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah | Marriott Harbor Beach

Zach’s Bar Mitzvah

What was your inspiration for Zach’s Bar Mitzvah? Our inspiration for Zach’s Bar-Mitzvah was for his love of ice hockey.

Why did you select the Marriott Harbor Beach? We selected the Marriott Harbor Beach, because we wanted the ceremony on the beach over looking the water. What a beautiful day it was and we will cherish it forever.

What advice would you give other parents planning their son or daughters Bar/Bat Mitzvah? If I could give advice to parent’s planning a Bar/bat-mitzvah, I would say research all the vendors you are using and get a detailed itemized contract so you know what you are paying for. Also, make sure you are comfortable and trust them. Stacey and Brandon were amazing, and listened to everything we said and wanted. Also, make sure to step back and enjoy and try to soak it all in. There are going to be several things that you have planned for that will not happen, instead of getting upset make sure to remember all the good things that happened on the special day.

Mazel Tov and we are so proud of you! We love you! Mom and Dad xoxo

Getting ready: Marriott Harbor Beach – Video: My Treasure Films – Makeup: Beauty by Alexandra – D.J: Rock with U – Senior Event Manager: Katie Pakradooni 


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