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Jenna + Nathan

How did you and Nathan meet?  – Nathan and I met in Dec 2007 working for the Florida Panthers Organization. We worked in the same department for a year before Nathan’s many attempts to date me actually succeeded. 😉

How did Nathan propose?  – It was Christmas morning 2012, and Nathan and I were opening gifts like we do every year. When we were done opening everything, Nathan said he had one more gift for me that was too big to fit under the tree. He came downstairs with a big wrapped box and I opened it to find a printer box. I thought yayy a printer! He then said to open that box, and there was another wrapped box inside it to open, and then another, and another, until the wrapped box was the size of a small jewelry box. At this point, my heart stopped because I swore I would know when he would propose… and he completely got me! But when I unwrapped and opened the jewelry box… it was charms for my charm bracelet. LOL. As soon as I was done almost crying/wanting to punch him in the face, he then got down on one knee, grabbed my RIGHT hand, and pulled the ring out from behind his back. He mumbled some words I don’t remember and I’m pretty sure the word ‘yes’ came out of my mouth at some point.

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable? – Definitely when I was walking down the aisle and we finally got to see each other for the first time. The entire night came into perspective and we both were so elated to be in that moment. Also, the last song of the night, Billy Joel’s Piano Man, where everyone was on the dance floor, including our DJ, singing along with us. It was awesome!

Did you have something borrowed, something blue, and something new?  My something borrowed was my cousin’s veil, my something blue was my Alice in Wonderland garter, something new was… my dress/shoes/jewelry 🙂 I also received a sixpence penny from my mother in law that my dad put in my shoe before we walked down the aisle. It represents the saying… something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe!

What details or traditions did you include on your wedding day?  Our entire wedding was full of personal details, which we loved. We created simple signage and frames, made lace and ribbon votives with the help of my awesome bridesmaids, and a bunch of other really nice DIY stuff. It made everything feel original and unique and it brought out our personalities in the decor. My favorite detail was probably the pictures of our parents’ wedding photos we had put out on top of a rum barrel. 🙂 We definitely kept the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, which we are so happy we did. We also, kept a couple family traditions, like displaying my Bride doll that my grandmother makes for each granddaughter that has gotten married. It’s a replica of me and she used pieces of her original veil to decorate it. We also displayed the ring bearer pillow made by my great grandmother that has been used in each wedding of my families since she made it. Other traditions we did were the garter toss, bouquet toss, dances, all the good ol’ traditional wedding fun stuff!

Getting ready: Embassy Suites – Ceremony/Reception – The Addison – Addison Expert: Grace Eurglenes – Hair: Danielle Nycole – Makeup: Makeup by Toshi – Cake: Susie Scrumptious – Florist: One of a Kind Events & Design – D.J: Eddie B & Company – Officiant: Rev. Michael Calderin





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