Elizabeth + Andrew’s B’Nai Israel Boca Raton Wedding

Elizabeth + Andrew

How did he propose?

Andrew and Elizabeth went with family and friends on a cruise. For months prior, Andrew had been planning the proposal and trying to find the perfect spot to do it. He found a very secluded beach on St. Johns Island off the coast of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The cruise ship made its stop at St. Thomas and they all boarded a smaller boat for the short trip to St. Johns Island. When they arrived, Andrew told everyone that they were going exploring on their own and they started walking. Elizabeth was a little confused as to where they were going since they have never been there before. Andrew claimed that he was just walking and was just exploring but he knew exactly where he was going. They found a dirt pathway with trees and brush all around them that they started down. After a short hike the pathway opened up to a pure white sand beach and aqua water that you could see a mile through. The beach was only about 100 yards or so but with only 10 people scattered around it felt like they were the only ones there. Andrew found them a shady spot and they started talking for a little bit while enjoying the beautiful view. After 10 minutes of talking Andrew gave Liz the first letter he ever wrote to her. It promised to treat her like the princess she is. He asked her if she still wanted to be treated that way for the rest of her life. She nodded her head. Then Andrew decided that they should look for shells to bring home as they often do when there at the beach. So Liz stood up and starting looking around for shells and finally found one only a foot away from her buried in the sand. As she picked it up she realized that it wasn’t a shell but a box. As she opened it she saw Andrew on one knee. He asked her to marry him and she said yes as tears of joy ran down her face. Then they heard a voice from behind them. They turned to about 6 people in the water asking,” Did she say yes?!” Andrew said yes to them and they all cheered and clapped. Andrew also had another surprise for Liz. Her parents and brother couldn’t make it on the cruise so he went to there house before he left and recorded a video of them congratulating her and how happy they were. He showed her the video and she loved it. They celebrated that night on the ship with there surprised family and friends at a restaurant for dinner.

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable? The first look that we did at Parkland Country Club, the ceremony where our rabbi used our own words about how we felt about each other in the ceremony, and walking into the reception room to all the people who love, and care about us.

Did you have something borrowed, something blue, and something new? Borrowed- My maid of honors bracelet, Blue- New England Patriots Gartner, Old- A piece of my moms dress pinned in mine and New- My dress

What details or traditions did you include on your wedding day? We used an old Kiddish Cup from Andrews’s grandparents, and a new one from Elizabeth’s parents. We stepped on the glass, and we played the Horah during the reception. We also did mother -son, daughter-dad, and I did a mother-daughter dance.

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding? Work together and make decisions together as a couple. Also make your decisions of your vendors based on your connections and feelings you have about them. Take it all in, and enjoy it!

Ceremony/Reception: Congregation B’Nai Israel – Cake: Adina’s Cakery – Florist: Fringe and Company – D.J: Vision DJ


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