Carly + Justin’s Palm Beach Engagement Session / Palm Beach Wedding Photographers

Carly + Justin:

How did you both meet?

We met at a bar called Bullwinkles in Tallahassee, FL. We were both there to watch the FSU vs NC State game. We kept staring at each other from across the bar, so I eventually decided to approach him. I knew I couldn’t leave without at least asking his name. I knew from the minute I saw him that he was “the one.” : )

How did Justin propose?

He very casually asked if I wanted to try a new Italian restaurant that he had heard great things about (Italian is my favorite, so he knew I would say yes!). He ordered a pizza, and when it finally came out, it was in the shape of a heart with a narrow pointing to me. On the pizza said, “Will you marry me?” When I realized what was going on he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. : )



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