Parkland Country Club Wedding | Samantha + Daniel

Samantha + Daniel

August 2006- 6th grade math class Daniel would sit in the back of the classroom and make fun of Samantha and her friends. It wasn’t just math class…August 2009-June 2012- Daniel would follow the twins to the Sophomore parking lot to snag an occasional ride home! Sam and Daniel never had class together in high school because let’s face it- Sam has the book smarts! Over the years…he would call her from time to time after school to chat. The two remained good friends over the years. ???????December 2013- Sam was home from college for the holidays. Up to this point, Sam would visit home frequently and see Daniel all the time. He would attend family holiday dinners, birthday parties, etc. Daniel joined along with a group of friends to celebrate new years. Still…the two would deny they liked each other. But at midnight on new years…The two shared their first kiss! ???????February 13, 2014- Samantha walked into her dorm after class and found Daniel standing there with a beautiful diamond necklace, flowers, and chocolates. Her sister and all of her friends were in on the big surprise. Daniel told Sam…”Now you can’t be talking to other guys” Sam said, “Why just because I have a necklace?” Sam made Daniel say the words “Will you be my girlfriend?” 😉 ???????June 3, 2015- Daniel joined the Navy and left for bootcamp. For 2 months, the two would exchange letters weekly. Sam would have to write down every detail in the letters and check the mail every day even though letters would only come on Thursdays. On Sundays, Daniel would pretend to go to the counselor because she would let him use the phone to call Sam. ???????June 2015- June 2018- The two remained long distance for three LONG years including a 7 month deployment. They made it through!???????June 9, 2018- Sam moved to Virginia and they rented their first place together.???????September 9, 2018- Samantha was making her bowl of cereal in the morning and Daniel said… “be right back I’m going to change the sticker on my license plate”. As he entered back inside the apartment, he was down on one knee posing with the ring in hand. Samantha exited the kitchen and saw him and couldn’t believe what was before her eyes. Daniel totally surprised Sam that she didn’t think it was really happening- his watery eyes let Sam know it was really happening… the start to a beautiful chapter in their lives.

Hair & Makeup- Bombshell Makeovers – Dj- RIG Entertainment  – Officiant: Michael Calderin (pastor) Florist: Deerfield Florist Wedding dress: Boca bridal south Bridal dresses: David’s bridal – Ceremony|Reception: Parkland Country Club    

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