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How did you and Jeff meet? Jeff and I met at a church group in Nashville.  Our stories differ on which one made the first move haha. It was definitely him though (LOL). We both joined searching for ourselves and ended up finding each other.
How did he propose? He proposed on Christmas Eve. In early December, we decided we would start a tradition of giving each other an ornament every year and this year, we had to make one. So, we gifted each other a handmade ornament around the second week of December. Then, on Christmas Eve, we were about to head to my parents’ house in Ohio and decided to exchange gifts with each other that morning. After we finished opening gifts, he said there’s one more but you have to find it. So, I immediately looked at the tree and to the ornament he made me. I picked it up – then put it back down because I thought it wasn’t it LOL he came over beside me and took the ornament out of the tree and showed me a little secret compartment in it that had my ring ? He got down on a knee and said he’s never been so sure about anything. It was perfect. 
Where are you getting married and what is your vision for your wedding day? We’re getting married at Arrington Vineyards and that venue really encompasses how we want our wedding to feel. It is very relaxing and welcoming. All the decor will be very natural and neutral tones. Simple but elegant. 
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