Wedding at BMR Stables Jupiter | Whitnee + Dale

Weddding at BMR stables in Jupiter Florida

Whitnee + DJ

How did we meet? Dj and I met each other in second grade. We were friends growing up and going throughout high school, but our senior year, he decided to man up and ask me to be his girlfriend! Of course I said yes, because he was the only one in our school that had the same interests as me. We were both rednecks, drove trucks, loved country music and just spending quality time together. He was my football player and I was his cowgirl!

How did Dale propose? We decided to purchase our first house together last year. Since it was our first Christmas in our new house we wanted to throw a Christmas party with all of our friends and family. After a few weeks of working on the house to get it presentable for our guests, the night finally came where we were the hosts of this huge gathering! The plan was to go out in our backyard and get a group photo of everyone that came. So Dj’s sister Jessica decided that we should get a picture of just us since it was our first big party in our new house. We posed and took a few pictures then I started walking away to get with the group and DJ tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around and he was on one knee. I immediately started crying my eyes out. We have been together for 6 years and didn’t see it coming at all! The fact that he told everyone there that he was going to propose to me, without me finding out, was just beyond me. I was so shocked he pulled it off. I remember walking out to the garage before it all had happened and he was talking with my mom, but they told me to go back inside because they were talking about “Christmas presents.” Little did I know he was shaking in his pants because he was so nervous! ?

Ceremony/Reception: BMR Stables – Planner: Too Southern Girls– Florist: Greenacre’s Florist – DJ: Russ Griffin – Decor: Regency Party Rentals – Caterer: Mississippi Sweets – Officiant: Sherman Dibble – Film: Poirier Wedding Films


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