Lisa + Joe | Palm Beach Engagement Session

Lisa + Joe

Their love story: Lisa was working at the pharmacy on a hot summer afternoon. A tall, handsome gentleman approached her counter wearing an elegant suit and tie. It was a busy day in the pharmacy, but Lisa couldn’t help but admire this man wearing the suit. The man asked to speak to the pharmacist and Lisa was unbelievably excited. She walked towards him, and he greeted her with a smile. “Hello, my name is Joe and I am a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.” They instantly clicked and fell deep in love…
…..just kidding! 🙂

The real truth is that we met online! Our first date was at Greek Islands in Fort Lauderdale on 8/6/15. I can still remember seeing Joe for the first time as he approached my car….I remember thinking to myself, “wow, this guy is so handsome!”. Afterwards, we took a walk on the Pompano Pier where we had our first kiss. The rest was history!
Exactly one year later, Joe popped the question! On 8/6/16, Joe planned for both of our families to go back to Greek Islands Restaurant for our one year anniversary. (He even flew his entire family into town from New Jersey!) After dinner, he had planned on proposing at the Pompano Pier in the exact location where we had our first kiss on our first date. However, the weather had another agenda for us that evening….it began to pour right after we finished dinner! Joe insisted that we wait out the storm in our car, since he wanted a kiss that night on the pier. Not knowing what was going on, I told him “Are you crazy? It’s pouring and there is lightening outside! Let’s go home!”. Our families quickly devised another plan! On our way home from the beach, Joe’s family pulled over next to the Coral Springs Covered Bridge on Wiles Road. Everyone got out of the car to admire the bridge. Joe pulled me underneath the bridge, dropped to one knee and popped the question….and of course I said YES! It was incredibly special to have both of our families there to watch this moment!

Where are we getting married/what is our vision: We are getting married at the Marriott Pompano Beach Resort and Spa, which is right next to the Pompano Pier where we had our first date/first kiss and—almost—our proposal! (Had it not been raining that night lol). Our vision is for it to be a romantic, laid back beach wedding with lots of food, spirits, dancing and fun!

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