Wedding at Eastpointe Country Club Palm Beach Gardens

Michelle + Kristopher

How did you both meet? We met in Drama class in high school. We ended up in a group project together where we wrote a hilarious modern-day version of Antigone and got like, 100 extra credit points. Mutual friends and college trips between Gainesville and Orlando kept us popping into each other’s lives over the next 10 years and then one day in a CR Chicks parking lot, Kris asked me to be his date for his New Year’s Eve party and the all the rest just fell into place!

How did Kristopher propose? One day we were getting lunch at Ale House and Kris said that he had been trying to plan me a surprise birthday party, but I had been asking too many questions and ruined it. What I didn’t know was that the party was actually a distraction, and what he was really planning for would happen the day after the party. Kris said that his friends’ band was playing a show at one of our favorite bars downtown, and that he wanted to go there for HIS birthday celebration (we have very close birthdays). Kris asked me to text all of our friends to invite them out with us. Turns out, I was unknowingly inviting people to my engagement (not Kris’s birthday celebration, which explains why he was getting a lot of confused texts from people after I invited them). At the end of the band’s set, they called me up front to dedicate some belated birthday songs to me. Their last song, a cover of “The Book of Love” ended with Kris down on one knee and our friends and family behind us watching.

What was your vision for your wedding day? We wanted our day to embody what is so important to us- having so much fun with the closest people in our lives. Those little moments shared between friends and family, whether it was wiping away happy tears or bursting out laughing, are what we wanted to capture and remember. We hoped to share the love and goofiness we have for each other with those who came to celebrate. Oh, and we also wanted everyone to see our dog Chad wearing a tux.

Tell us about your beautiful wedding gown? Ahhh! This dress is proof that there really is such a thing as love at first sight. My mom and maid of honor joined me at Molle Bridal, where we were only going to look and try on all the styles. When we walked in, before even saying hi to anyone, I saw this dress and gasped. This mermaid lace beauty caught my eye and I just had to try it on immediately. They all made me pick out other ones, but this was the first one I tried on, and I was obsessed. I tried on others, but kept coming back to this one. We were going to leave, because I mean, no one gets the first dress they see/try on their first day of shopping, right? But I just couldn’t accept the idea of anyone else wearing that dress, and so my gorgeous Allure Bridal gown was taken home that day!

Ceremony/Reception: Eastpointe Country Club – Hair & Makeup: Team Beauti – Florist: Alisa Sineway – Cake: Publix – D.J: Vision DJ – Officiant: Tito Algeria – The Painter: Jacob James Neagle



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