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Deanna + Justin

How did you and Justin meet? Justin and I met through friends – my best friend was dating his best friend and we all went out one Night -Justin and I hit it off but our friends broke up shortly after

How did he propose? He proposed to me in NYC. He had to work there that week and said that I should come in for the weekend so we can see Hamilton (as my bday gift) when I got off the red eye a car picked me up and took me to the Peninsula hotel (instead of our friends apt where I thought we were staying) and the concierge greeted me and sent me up to Justin’s room. He answered the door in basketball shorts and a sweater and proposed to me in the room. It was 6am and blacked out what he said but I know I said. “Are we still seeing Hamilton!??” Thank god we were 🙂

What inspired your vision for your wedding? Justin and I love the wall of sound and pop music from the 1960s so we knew we wanted to capture that old school Hollywood vibe (the ceremony music was all of our favorite songs from the 60s including our first dance which was to be my baby). Our venue helped make this possible too since the resort is known for their old glamour and vibrant energy. We also thought since most people are coming from out of town we should we really make it feel as Florida as possible which is why we had a Cuban cigar roller at the Boca beach club for the rehearsal dinner and Cuban sandwiches as a pass appetizer during the wedding. We loved our look with the feathers and pearls and martini glasses and the white dance floor – take me back!!!

Ceremony/Reception: Boca Raton Resort & Club -Hair: Phairis Luxury – Makeup: Rachel’s Brides – Florist: Daniel Events – Band: Vox Blu – Video: Senderey Video

Bride and groom at the Boca ResortBridal photos at the Boca Raton ResortA003A004A005Wedding details at the Boca ResortA007A008A009A010A011A012A013A014A015A016A017A018A019A020A021A022A023A024A025A026A027Bride and groom first look at the Boca Raton resortA029A030Bride and groom in love at the Boca ResortA032Bride and groom portraits at the Boca Raton ResortA034A035A036A037Bridal party fun at the Boca ResortA039A040A042Wedding ceremony at the Boca Raton ResortA044A045A046A047A048A049A050A051A052A053A054A055A056Wedding reception at the Boca Raton ResortA058Reception details at the Boca Raton resortA060A061A062First dance of bride and groom at Boca Raton ResortA064A065Reception fun at the Boca Raton ResortA067A068A069A070A071A072A073A074A075A076A077


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