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Danielle + Jordan

How did you both meet? Jordan and I first met in 2006 in our 8th grade drama class. The first thing Jordan ever said to me was “are you two sisters?” He was talking about my friend and I at the time because we looked so much alike. We did not speak much to each other then but fast-forward a few years to senior year of high school where we had Calculus and Medical Terminology class together. This is where we really got to know each other. We would chat in class and he would always walk me to my locker afterwards. I could write a book or just say the rest is history!

How did Jordan propose? Jordan took us to see the Miami City Ballet’s production of Giselle in Broward, he chose this because I have been a dancer my whole life and I love the theater. Afterwards, we walked by the water and there was a limo waiting and a photographer nearby just posing as a bystander. She slipped him the ring and he got on one knee, then our parents popped out of the limo in glee because I said “yes!”

Where are you getting married and what do you vision for your wedding day? We are getting married at The Addison in Boca Raton. We fell in love with the natural beauty and historic feel of the venue. We envision a simple, elegant, greenery wedding surrounded by the love of our family and friends who mean the most to us.




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