Stephanie + Eddie | Walton House Engagement Session

Stephanie + Eddie

When Eddie looks at Stephanie he says, “That’s my best friend.” Stephanie and Eddie met in the summer of 2015 days before she was packing to leave on a lengthy trip. They hadn’t seen each other yet, only spent many hours on the phone talking about careers, hobbies, and life experiences. Their conversations lasted hours, sometimes all night. “Like two high school kids,” as Eddie describes it. They made such an impression on each other that they were both sad she was leaving on vacation.. something she had been looking forward to. After the first night she missed their conversations terribly. She describes it as something that was missing. As the saying goes “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. And she found a way to get cell service and spent all the nights in contact with each other. When she returned there he was with a dozen roses in his hand and the rest is history.
Eddie describes Stephanie as a breath of fresh air. With such a stressful career it was hard for him to find someone who understood the nature of his career. In her he found what he always longed for: a best friend, a confidant, and a great cook! Stephanie loves Eddie’s protective demeanor. “He’s always there to listen to me to matter what. We have a relationship where there’s no pressure to act a certain way. We are weird with each other, we have nicknames for everything, and we respect other. What more can we ask for.”

Eddie proposed to Stephanie in their cozy home in Southwest Miami-Dade. He had been planning it for months, and couldn’t seem to find the right moment. He almost did so on her birthday as they rode horses up and down a canal bank together (Stephanie LOVES to ride horses!). But he wanted something more intimate with no one else around. He said he couldn’t hold it in anymore and proposed over one of their frequent “life” talks in their quiet home. “Do you see yourself with me for a long time?”, he asked. And out came the ring. They cried, they hugged, and they promised each other a life of comfort, loyalty, understanding and love.

Their wedding will be in January of 2018. A peaceful winter wedding with a rustic feel in Boca Raton surrounded by close friends and family.




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