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Emily + Steven

How did you both meet? We met through mutual friends. I first saw him in a mutual friends group picture on Instagram. I thought he was so cute and needed to know who that cute guy was! Haha so like any sensible women I added him on Instagram and it went off from there. The first time we met was the Fourth of July and from that moment we both “just knew” sparks were flying 🙂

How did Steven propose? Steven proposed on Christmas morning. He was a volunteer fire fighter for Palm Beach shores fire department. Per tradition they always have one of the guys dress as Santa to pass out candy and presents on Christmas morning. They take the fire trucks and go all through the community. Steven of course volunteered to be Santa (that’s just who he is) which in fact volunteered me to be Mrs. clause. Not our traditional Christmas morning but we thought it would be so fun. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! I love everything about it! So after a long day in our warm Florida winter weather we were headed back to the station except we had to make a pitstop take a group picture at the beach, well little did I know that he was going to propose to me. We get down to the end of the boardwalk right on the beach I went to take a selfie and Steven took my hands and started telling me how much he loved me (and so on) then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in total and utter shock! And to add to the shock immediately after my entire family was hiding on the beach and started running up with signs cheering with excitement!!!!! It was the absolute perfect proposal!

What was your inspiration for your wedding? The inspiration behind my wedding was elegance and romance! I wanted to have an ocean background for my ceremony but I did not want a typical beachy wedding and did not want to be on the sand. Steven and I have a soft place in our hearts for the ocean. I grew up practically swimming before I could walk. My dad was quite the fisherman, boating and the beach was very much a part of my childhood and into my adult hood. So for me being by the ocean feels like home. Believe it or not it’s actually a bit more challenging finding the right beach location than I originally anticipated. I wanted my wedding day to feel warm and romantic! I wanted my wedding colors to be soft muted pale peach, pink and Ivory with sage green on the leaves. Lots and lots and lots of candles! Something so simple yet so warm and fuzzy about a candle lot room. Totally sets the mood for romance. Gold accent pieces. I’m also quite the girly girl so of course had to add a tasteful amount of glitz (linens for my cake table and linens for sweetheart table) I also wanted to share visually the love that Steven and I share which is centered around God, so it was important to base our ceremony around that. Hence our unity was the triple brained cord. And a little details of Scripture.

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day? Most memorable part of my wedding!!! My gracious to only pick one would be nearly impossible! However, one that totally took me by surprise was my sisters matron of honor speech! That was definitely top five of the most memorable things that happen on that magical day!!! My sister has quite the way with words.  Then there’s a little story about the second heart of the speech where she sang a song but changed the lyrics to share how Steven and I met and the love that’s grown between years. My sister has a beautiful voice and was always involved in chorus growing up. However has a fear of singing in public with all eyes on her. Since as long as I can remember I always wanted my sister to sing at last by Etta James. I have told her this since as long as I can remember way before Steven was ever a part of the picture. I wanted her to sing that song and I wanted to have my first dance to that song. Well sure enough I was engaged and I went to Ashley to say you have to sing that song at my wedding. Knowing how fearful she was and that she really didn’t want to do it I totally understood as I am completely stage fright of all eyes on me as well. The week of my wedding needless to say was quite hectic with a category 4 hurricane quickly approaching. In the craziness of that week trying to do a last minute wedding to dos.. they twist of additional stress for dealing with me and my numerous meltdowns thinking that my wedding could possibly be ruined and not happening due to a category 4 hurricane… I somehow heard the song Hallelujah. I looked at my sister 3 days before my wedding and said “shoot I want to incorporate that song somehow into my wedding” of course with 1 million tiny details that I tried to make happen that one slipped through the cracks. Leave it to my sister to not allow anything to slip through the cracks!!! I was pretty much glued by her side for those three days prior to my wedding so with 10 minutes here and there by herself she listen to the song change the lyrics to personalize it to Steven and I and sang it as her speech. She had the whole crowd interacting and needless to say the tears could not stop! It was every bit of funny, emotional and memorable to say the least! Oh and by the way she sang like an angel it was so beautiful!

One more memorable moment I have to mention was this little butterfly that surrounded me on my walk down the isle to meet steven. It’s a long story but it was very much my mom in heaven giving me a special and precise message just for me to tell me that she was there watching! She was right there with me! She was very much a part of everything!!! With the intensity of the winds there’s no coincidence that precious and perfect butterfly was a tiny message special from her to me.

Ceremony/Reception: Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach – Florist/Decor: Above The Rest Events – D.J: Elite Entertainment



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