Alexandra + Stephen | Wedding at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Alexandra + Stephen

How did you both meet? Stephen and I actually met in high school and we had big crushes on each other and would flirt, but would be to scared to actually say “Hey I like you.”

How did Stephen propose? Stephen came to my work one night to help me close up shop so I could get home early. I get home and he says that he has the bathroom all ready for me to use it and I laughed. When I get in there there was a white board that said he just beat my high score on a pokemon game that we would play on his Nintendo ds, so naturally I got competitive and opened the ds to try and beat him. When I opened the ds there was a folded note and it said “Our dog has opened my eyes a lot and this may seem rushed but it’s perfect as long as it’s you, so it’s about time we start this new homeowner thing right and that’s together, so come out of the bathroom, I have one more surprise this night isn’t over yet” and when I walked out he was down on his knee in our bedroom.

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day? When I first walked down the aisle to meet him. Just the way his smile dropped and he looked in awe and his best man had to give him tissues to wipe his tears. I myself had to hold my father harder and bury my face into my bouquet. Just looking at him knowing that this was my forever is what I would always remember.

Ceremony/Reception: Morikami Museum




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