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Marion + Jacob

How did you and Jacob meet?

It all started in the 6th grade, Jacob would tease me as a way of childish flirting, but I could have never imagined it would end up with us having a wedding date rapidly approaching! We spent 6 years in grade school growing up together, before I transferred to a new school.

Fast forward to college, Jacob and I remained closed friends and always made it a point to see each other during the holidays. We lost touch for a few years and in 2012 we rekindled a flame between us that never seemed to die down.

I knew at this point that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. On 10-24-2015 Jacob proposed to me in an unconventional way I never saw coming…..

How did Jacob propose? I loved your love story you shared with us during your engagement session!!

The day started out as a complete bummer. I planned to watch a U of L football game with some of my best friends, until one after another they oddly started to cancel on me. Little did I know Jacob was behind the scenes frantically calling, Facebook messaging and texting my friends to NOT show up to the game!

Jacob had gone to the gym earlier in the day and when he arrived home he could see that I was upset about my friends bailing on me. He threw a crazy suggestion out there that maybe we should try a helicopter tour (something we had not done in the past).

At this point Jacob had already spent nearly two weeks creating a 40 foot banner that was all part of his plan. Our families were working behind the scenes to create our special day. We both got ready and headed down to Miami.

Our tour lead us to the haulover inlet, where Jacobs brother’s Michael laid out the “WILL YOU MARRY ME!,” banner. I was so confused and caught off guard I did not realize this was all done for me. As I quickly turned to my left Jacob had the ring in hand and a huge smile all awaiting my response. Which was “YES!” Of course!

What do you envision for your wedding day?

A gathering of our closest family and friends will be joining us under a canopy of trees and twinkly lights with a romantic vintage feel at the women’s clubs of coconut grove on Saturday October 1st 2016.


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