Lacey + James’s | Wedding at The Addison |Boca Raton Resort

Lacey + James

What inspired your vision for your wedding day? 

My vision was to have a Cinderella fairy tale wedding. Classic elegant, glamorous and most importantly, unique. Our colors were all neutral: white, ivory, taupe and petal pink. I’m obsessed with crystals, so they were everywhere. From the hanging chandeliers to the candelabra centerpieces with hanging crystals and crystal goblets.  I wanted to create a wedding people would never forget. It had to have that WOW factor. Personalization also played an important part in our wedding.  I had thank you cards at every place setting, emergency bathroom kits in each restroom and monogrammed tissues, cocktail napkins, hand towels and matches. And we can’t forget our favorite cupcakes we had shipped down from New York to give to everyone as favors. Seeing everything come together from my vision to real life was more than I could have ever imagined. It was absolutely perfect.

What was your most memorable moment? 

I would have to say my most memorable moment was welcoming James’ son, Dylan, into my life. I wanted to find a way to welcome Dylan as my stepson. James and I are big watch fanatics so I got him his first watch with our initials and wedding date engraved on the back. In the middle of the ceremony I called him over to me and presented him with his gift, welcoming him into my life and starting our family together. Always watching over and protecting him. When I looked up, Dylan started crying. My heart just melted. It was such a beautiful moment that I will never forget.

I just loved your wedding gown. Tell us the story behind finding your dress? 

Going with the Cinderella fairy tale theme, I absolutely had to have a ball gown. I had 4 appointments scheduled in a weekend. For my last one, we drove all the way down to Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. My appointment was so disappointing. The girls were very rude and stuffy so we walked out within 5 minutes. I was so upset we drove an hour and a half only to have struck out within 5 minutes. We decided to start walking the mile and popping in every store that would take us as a walk in. My Aunt walked into this little boutique that had all prom dresses in the window. She came back out and said the lady would let me try on dresses. When I went inside they had only 10 wedding dresses to look at. Thinking this would be a real quick stop, I start going through the dresses and sure enough as soon as I got to the 3rd dress on the rack I knew it was the one. It was perfect in every way. And the designer only makes a couple of each dress so it was rare to find!

Your wedding bands are unique what was the inspiration for your wedding rings? 

Unique is definitely the theme of this wedding. We really wanted to find wedding rings that fit our personalities. Something you didn’t see everyday. I’m all about accessories and coordinating to each outfit so I wanted a ring that you could do the same to.  We were on a cruise in St. Martin and they have an entire street full of diamond stores. We were walking by one and saw this ring in the window with 10 different color band inserts. It was love at first sight! I’ve never seen a wedding ring you could actually change on a daily basis if you wanted to. It was amazing. So we just had to buy it. Now I just have to buy the other colors….anniversary presents (hint hint)!

James’ ring was another great find.  The black diamonds gave it a unique factor you don’t see too often.

Tell us about the fun line dancing during your reception?  

James and I met line dancing. We love to dance. It has always been a special part of our relationship. It wouldn’t have been us if we didn’t do a little line dancing at our wedding!

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding? 

First: Definitely do a first look. That way you can have all your pictures done ahead of time and can enjoy your cocktail hour. It was a great time for us to say hello to all our guests rather than having to wait until the reception.

Second: Utilize your decor as much as possible. I had my high centerpieces lined down the isle on white pillars and then moved to the tables during the reception, and my chandelier archway for the ceremony was moved inside to go over my wedding cake. Just adds a nice touch to your special day. You paid for it so why not use it!

Last but not least: Enjoy every moment! It is very easy to get all wrapped up in your hard work and planning for your wedding day. Just take a deep breath, sit back and watch your vision come to life with your best friend and partner by your side. It is such an incredible feeling!

Getting ready: The Boca Raton Resort – Hair stylist: Rebecca with – Makeup artist: Chrysti Artistry – Ceremony/Reception: The Addison – Cake: Dana lannelli – Florist: Daniel Events – D.J: Rock with U – Officiant: Joanna Murphy



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