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Arathi + Chait

What was the significance of the henna?

Henna is a ceremonial art form that originated in ancient India. It is traditional for the bride to have henna painted on her hands and feet prior to her wedding day. Henna represents a celebratory moment in a bride’s life. One little fun tid bit is that the henna artist incorporates the groom’s initials into the henna design, and the groom has to find it on their wedding night.

Tell us about the jewelry you wore?

The jewelry that I wore was a gift from my mom on my wedding day. A lot of the jewelry has been collected over time and kept until my wedding. The jewelry included 24 ct yellow gold and diamonds.  

What inspired your vision for your wedding day? 

We wanted to have a traditional Indian wedding along with fun American additions as well. Being able to integrate both of the cultures was the vision we had for our wedding day.  Since there was family from across the country and world coming to our wedding, we wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed their Florida vacation, while getting a little taste of everything. The whole weekend was all about reuniting family/friends and celebrating all of the wedding festivities together.

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable? 

One of the most memorable moments of our wedding day happened when the 2 of us walked into the decorated empty ballroom together right before the reception. We stood at the center of the dance floor holding hands, looking around, and soaking in the moment. We were officially married that morning, had celebrated many pre-wedding events with the love of friends and family, and had finally arrived at this moment leading to the final celebration. It was surreal thinking about how perfectly everything had come together and how everyone was there to celebrate us tonight.  

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?

Don’t get caught up in the details of wedding planning. Enjoy every moment, including the planning. It’s once in a lifetime and the wedding day will flash before you, so take time to step back with your fiancé and soak it all in. Be happy, stress free, and share your love with everyone that’s there to support and celebrate your wedding.

Ceremony/Reception: Hyatt Pier 66 – Hair & Makep: Renata Estepan – Caterer: My 5th Element Indian Cuisine – Cake: Publix – Planner/Florist: Anand Event Services – Officiant: Priest Sri Chakravarthy



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