Corie + Bryan’s | Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Wedding

Corie + Bryan

How did you and Bryan meet?

Bryan and I met at my work, CR Chicks. He would come in for lunch/dinner and we started small talk. Small talk led to learning a lot about each other and wanting to hang out outside of work so we finally did, and the rest is history ha ha

How did Bryan propose? Oh man, I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this earlier… He actually took me for a boat ride which we do all the time. He had one of my good friends come with us because she had just got a new camera and said she wanted to capture some wildlife pictures with it, people joining us on our boat cruises wasn’t unusual either (I really had no idea he was planning to propose). Anyways, as we went down the intercostal, we went down to the jetty in Jupiter and then turned around to go grab some “lunch”. As we were coming back by the lighthouse I saw this huge sign hanging down from it. Because of the sun glare I could easily read “Will you Marry Me?” but totally missed the “Corie” part in front of it. I said “Awwww look someone is getting proposed to!” My friend Erika is giving me this look and when I turn around there he was, down on one knee!! I then learned all of my and his immediate family were up on the lighthouse holding the sign, waving and cheering to us. Of course I said YES and we have the whole thing to forever remember in pictures. 

What inspired your vision for your wedding? Bryan has always been a big boater/fisher. And I have always loved the beach! So when we started looking for venues and found out the lighthouse does ceremony’s we knew it had to be there because of the proposal. We had also talked about the wedding being “beach” themed because it just fits us. Starfish, Sand Dollars, Sand, Lobster Trap (for our card box), Shells … everything just fit us and we had to include it into our special day. That’s also why we literally “tied the knot”. A fisherman’s know to be exact… and with time and through stress the knot only gets stronger, so it fit us to a T. Our wedding favor koozie even said “Two less fish in the Sea”.

What was the funniest moment at your wedding? That would have to be the garter/bouquet toss. We had talked with the DJ about only doing the toss for picture purposes, but we did not want to make the people who caught it put on a show with putting the garter on the bouquet catcher. Well long behold, the people who “caught” the toss’s are a looonngg time couple who everyone always tease about when he is going to propose to her. So Bryan went up to the DJ and said just keep going roll with it and then they put on the whole show on placing the garter on her leg, which was quite comical because one of the irony and two no one knew he had such great moves to “I’m so sexy”

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable? Definitely the Dance! Although, Bryan’s favorite is our first dance because it really sets in that you have just become Husband and Wife and all the nerves of the day just kind of float away and you start to relax and really enjoy the night. My favorite is the last dance. Because it was just me, him and the music. And it was the last thing of the night to really take in and cherish before the night was over.

 What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding? Our advice to couple’s currently planning a wedding is don’t procrastinate. Once you set a date the time just flies by and next thing you know it’s here. Make it your own, add all the little details that fit you and your husband’s personality because it really makes it that much more meaningful. It will literally be the BEST day of your life so stop, look around, and just take in every moment because the day will FLY by as well. Also, make sure you have a free space somewhere in your house where things can continue to pile and build up and get in the way because that will totally happen lol

Getting ready: Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island – Ceremony: Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum – Makeup artist: Danielle Sabatello – Hair: Christina Chiaramida – Florist: Southern Floral Company – Officiant: Brent Myers – Reception: Out of the Blue – Wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses: Boca Bridal


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