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Ashley + Elvis

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable?

-JUST ONE? Impossible…As I asked Elvis for help on this one, his response was “the first moment I saw you in your white dress, you looked so beautiful”. He cried the moment he turned around during our first look. I think all of the hustle and bustle kept him distracted from the fact that we were about to become husband and wife. He said “then my second thing is”… haha I couldn’t pick just one either … “when the doors opened and you started to walk towards me”. I asked him why he picked that and he said “because it was really happening”. Why is that always the defining moment? I also remember my heart racing just before the doors opened and squeezing my Dads arm just a little bit tighter. One of my most memorable moments was my first dance with my Dad. We were both overcome with emotions and I cried like a baby as we sang to each other “I loved her first” by heartland. Secondly, were the speeches from my Dad, sister, and best friend. It was so heartfelt to see the tears in their eyes as they celebrated Elvis and I as husband and wife. Lastly, we both agreed that our last dance was the BEST. Every single person was out on the dance floor dancing, singing, playing air guitar to “Dont Stop Believin” by journey. We all left with such excitement!

Did you exchange any gifts with each other on your wedding day?

-Yes we did. I gave Elvis a Movado watch so that he was not late for our very important date :). Elvis is such an incredible man and he gave me a gift that brought all of us to tears. My middle name came from my maternal grandmother, whos name was Catherine Leah and when she passed away I inherited a gold diamond bracelet with the name Leah. It was stolen shortly after I received it and I have been so upset since that day. Elvis had the bracelet re-created and that was my wedding gift. It was such an emotional moment. Although this was not the same bracelet that my grandmother had worn, it was a precious gift from my husband that I will now be able to pass down along with this wonderful story.

Tell us about the jewelry you wore on your wedding day?

-The earring’s were a gift from my sister. I also got to wear a piece of my mothers jewelry which was the diamond bracelet. It was nice to have a piece of her with me throughout the day.

Did you incorporate any unique personal touches into your ceremony?

-I would like to think so :). Elvis is from the Dominican Republic and the Spanish language is a very important part of his heritage. I do not speak Spanish but I am starting to catch on…shhhh don’t tell!! I wanted to surprise him and his family during our vows so I decided to say mine in Spanish. This was even more impactful than I originally thought as I heard gasp’s from our guests after the first word I spoke. After the ceremony I heard over and over how this brought not only his family to tears but mine as well.
-Also, I wanted to ensure that my mother was given a very special view. Although she was in heaven watching down on every moment I wanted to honor her memory. My sister, who was my Maid of Honor, walked down with a photo of my beautiful Mother so that she might have the most perfect view of her first born daughter walking down the aisle. This was also a bittersweet moment for my family… a happy cry…

What inspired your vision for your wedding?
-November is my favorite month. Its the month that we remember to give thanks for all of our blessings and it was the month of my mothers birthday. Although we live in Florida, I just love the fall, as it starts the holidays and extra special time with our friends and family. The colors are warm and romantic just like our venue. I really wanted a venue that would capture a whimsical romance and old world charm. I love that The Addison was built in the 1920’s and then restored. It has so much history and I can only imagine what the walls or that beautiful fountain would say if they could talk.

What was the funniest moment at your wedding?

-The garter portion for sure! Elvis was able to strut his stuff to “I’m too sexy for my shirt” which is so typical if you know him! I was just sitting there laughing while I watched him dance around. When he went in for the kill by sliding across the floor on his knees, my cousins Ryan and Kyle came from behind me and pulled me away, while I was still in my chair I might add, all the way to the back of the dance floor. Elvis was given no choice but to take one more lap strutting his stuff and settled in for one more slide across the dance floor. It was the perfect Tom Cruise move from Risky business!

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?

-Breathe! It is alot of work!! Stay organized and utilize a wedding calendar from The Knot or another trusted website to keep you on track. Dont sweat the small stuff and pick the things that mean the most to you (cake, flowers, food,etc.) and spend your time and money on those things. You can do ANYthing but you cant do EVERYthing!
It poured down rain for most of my wedding day (we were to be married outside) but the sky cleared about an hour before the ceremony and we were left with a cool breeze and wouldn’t you know, we were able to be married outside! There were many other things that did not go as planned but I still got to marry my Superman! Things will go wrong, and when they do, just remember that the most important thing is the union that you are about to share. Keep the focus on your future and not on the wedding itself. It will be perfect even in all of its imperfections.

Getting ready: Waterstone Resort – Ceremony: The Addison – Flowers: Daniel Events – Centerpieces: Jana Bolinder & Tracy Lowen


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