Libby + Kenneth’s Fairytale Wedding

Libby + Kenneth

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable?

Libby: Every detail of the day was so special, but my most memorable moment was when Kenny first saw me walking down the aisle. I felt so loved and couldn’t wait to be his wife!

Kenny: Our vows, having designed and written our own ceremony together, it was very special that there was still one part that was a surprise for each other. Libby’s vows were so special and beautiful, and will always remind me that our marriage is founded on love.

Tell us about what made the day unique:

Libby: We were blessed in that we were able to have the wedding at our home. We live on a private airport surrounded by some beautiful gardens. It’s not every wedding where the bride and groom fly away!

Everything except for the tent it’s self was done by our amazing friends who came a week early to help make everything happen. They truly made the wedding happen.

Kenny: I agree with my wife, having the wedding at our home allowed us to make the day exactly what we wanted, I know our wedding day was truly one of a kind, and I know it was truly exactly what we wanted.

Tell us about some of the personal touches.

Libby: My father who was a pilot passed away a number of years ago. So my mom was going to be walking me down the aisle, it was very bitter sweet thinking about him not being there. So I had a butterfly hennaed on my feet so that in some small way, my dad was walking with me and my mom down the aisle.

I love fairies, so a fairy flower girl was a must! Kenny’s niece was so precious with her baby fairy wings!

We had handmade flower name cards for each guest along with the handmade table numbers.

Kenny: My groomsmen and I spent the morning hanging huge pieces of tulle over the ceremony space, over the arbor, and in various other places. I feel it really pulled the space together making it beautiful.

My Aunt Carol, officiated our ceremony, and her partner Aunt Dina helped us plan & execute both the ceremony & parts of the reception. Their help was invaluable, but more importantly Libby and I both feel that their marriage is one that we want to model ours after. If we can even come close to the love and support they have for one another we know life will be great.

Did you have something borrowed, something blue, and something new?

Libby: I did not! Nothing else about the wedding was traditional, I thought, why start now!

What details or traditions did you include on your wedding day?

We created a ceremony that really reflected traditions that meant something to us. We choose to have a declaration of support from our family, tree planting ceremony, a hand fasting, and a triple ring exchange.

As we said we had the help of so many making sure that every detail was thought of from arranging flowers to painting signs. We were very blessed for all of their support!

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?

Libby: It takes a partnership with your fiancé to plan a wedding that makes you both feel special. It’s challenging but never settle for something that is less than how you dreamed it could be. Anything can be accomplished with time, planning, and lots of help from your friends and family.

Kenny: Elope! Not really of course. The chaos of planning a wedding, balancing family demands, and trying to create something that is unique to you is challenging but it’s incredibly rewarding. However, it can quickly and often be overwhelming. Take time to stop and actively remember the day is about the two of you and your love for one another. It’s what will get you to the rewarding part.

What inspired your vision for your wedding?

Libby: Well, I knew I wanted a very simplistic and earthy feeling. However, Kenny wanted a more polished look. Together, we choose elements that we both liked.

Kenny: Pinterest & each other. Libby and I both pulled so many things from Pinterest & magazines. It was pretty easy to make sure what we did reflected one another and mattered to the both of us.

Ceremony/Reception: Lillberg Residence – Makeup: KellyAnna – Catering: Massimos – Cake: Publix Bakery – Officiant: Aunt Carolyn


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