Nicole + Edward’s Lake Worth Ballroom & Casino Wedding

Nicole + Edward

How we met: Edward and I met and worked together at Publix, he was training to be an office staff at the time and I was a cashier. We usually worked different schedules until he became an office staff and I started seeing him a lot more.  One night as I went to the front office to count my tray, he walked to the counter I was at, leaned against it and started purposely staring at me and smiling. He was making me very nervous and I asked him to please stop staring at me, he laughed and walked away. At the time he said nothing, but once we started dating he always tells the story of how we first made eye contact and how he fell in love with me by the time I finished counting the nickles in my tray. “He’s such a Romantic”

How he proposed: Around the time Eddie proposed to me, a lot had been going on for him and myself. We were both stressed with school and our jobs. One day (which was probably a week before he asked me) He told me to take off the upcoming Saturday from work so that we could just go out on a nice relaxing date together.  During that week leading up to the Saturday, either I was just naive or everyone was really good at keeping the secret because all his family, my family and even some friends knew that Eddie was going to ask me to marry him. When Saturday came, Eddie got to my house that evening and told me that we had to wait because the reservation was actually made for a later time. I was starving and he was apparently really nervous, but I had no idea. When we got to the restaurant (The melting Pot) We got out and he told me had a small gift for me, he gave it to me out front of the restaurant. It was the waving Japanese cat Pandora bead. I told him I loved it, kissed him then turned to walk inside. Just before I went in he told me to wait. I turned back around and his exact words were “So you know how I’ve talked to Pastor Kyle recently about everything going on, but I’ve also talked talked to your parents and we have all agreed that you should go pick out a white dress.” At that moment I started to cry because then I immediately knew what was happening…he got down on one knee, pulled out a box from behind his back and then asked me to marry him. I was so surprised by how beautiful the ring was and I was crying from excitement, he looked at me and said ” So is that a yes?” I shook my head yes and I hugged and kissed him. He told me he had one more surprise and he then pointed behind me and out ran his mom and my family, congratulating, hugging and crying with us. I was so happy that he involved my family because he knows how close I am to them. Everything he did to plan the night was perfect and I will never forget it.

Most Memorable moment of our wedding day for Eddie: The ceremony, it was so personal and intimate, all of it was so beautiful. Everything was perfect. Nicole looked gorgeous. Most Memorable moment for Nicole: When my dad gave me away, I almost lost control and started bawling my eyes out. I held it in and just kept staring into Eddie’s eyes. He had tears welled up in his eyes and that was so beautiful to me, at that moment I thought about how much I love him, how much he loves me, I could see it in his facial expression and feel it in his sweating hands. I walked up towards our Pastor with him and just looked behind me, I seen all of our loved ones and friends and just felt joy come over me. It was so overwhelming, but so beautiful. It wasn’t just love I was feeling, but also support.

Something Borrowed: My hairpiece, which went so perfect with the accents on my dress was actually from sister Mandi’s ( maid of Honor) co-worker. Also, my bridesmaid Kristina didn’t know it that day, but she let me borrow her purple flats, I just couldn’t keep wearing heels for the rest of the evening. Something Blue: I had pinned a blue bird broach to my bouquet, that my great grandmother on my mothers side gave to me before she passed away. I always said I would use it in my wedding one day and I’m so glad I did it was also my something old. Something New: My wedding gown, my Michael Kors heels and also a beautiful white clutch my bridesmaid Holly gave to me the night of the rehearsal dinner, I love it so much because it was so personal, it had my favorite picture of Eddie in I from our engagement photo shoot. Holly really did a wonderful job at finding and personalizing such a gorgeous and unique gift.

Details and Traditions: Our wedding had some very traditional aspects, but also some non-traditional. Eddie and I not seeing each other before the ceremony was really important to both of us, the reason behind that is, we knew if we saw each other before the ceremony, we would not of had the very excited/nervous feeling that I so loved feeling, because it made seeing each other for the first time so much more beautiful.  My dad walked me down the aisle and that was really important to me, he has always been so strong for our family and he was my rock as I walked down the aisle. My processional song was not so traditional which was “Promises” by Nero it is a song that Eddie and I have both always loved and knew we had to incorporate it into the wedding somehow. I loved that my friend Erica wrote and recited the most beautiful poem I had ever heard. I choose the song my sister, Mandi and friend Bogi (maid of honor and bridesmaid) sang and played “Forget me Not” by Civil Wars, they both have beautiful talents and it meant so much to me for them to perform it. My favorite details of the wedding were my bouquet, which had a picture charm of my Grandmother and Grandfather (my dad parents) on their wedding day, my two cat charms representing my two darling cats and also the blue bird broach. All of my bridesmaids had charms on their bouquets that represented our friendship and all the groomsmen had cuff-links, including Eddie that represented their favorite superhero/person.  My reception was where I focused most of my theme and detail which was winter and vintage. The center pieces were perfect with ice and snowy aspects and the candles and dim lights really made the night shine and look amazing. Our cake table was beautiful and vintage, I had old pictures of my parents, grandparents and his grandparents on their wedding days. I also loved the idea of using a hash-tag for the wedding which was #NECwed it was a really great way for everyone to share their photos of the wedding on their social media.

Advice for couples planning: Save money in every way possible, but really find one thing that you absolutely have to have on your wedding day and get it. Try to do as much as possible in the first couple of months of your engagement so that you can really have time for all the small details that are a must have. Always remember to plan a day, not to plan anything for the wedding so that you can relax, don’t let stress get in the way of every day life and your relationships. Most of all have fun and plan a wedding that explains your love exactly the way you envision it.

More info about the wedding: The day of my wedding I wanted to be relaxed as much as possible and I did…right after I walked down the aisle. I was nervous mostly and I didn’t get a lot of things done and even as I went to walk down the aisle I forgot to put my blusher over my fave, but hey the day went great. I never thought I would of had so much fun at my own wedding, but I did. I danced the night away with the love of my life and my family and friends. I made time to make sure I talked to as many guests as possible and thanked them for coming. My wedding day I will truly never forget, it went by fast, but not so fast that  I couldn’t enjoy it. Enjoying your own wedding day is so important.

Ceremony: Church of the Palms – Pastor: Daniel & Pastor Danny Sapp – Reception: Lake Worth Ballroom & Casino – Hair/Makeup: Puyre Salon & Makeup by Brittany – Cake: Publix – Florist: Deidra Magnavel – D.J: Kenny Mondo Productions





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