Emily + Jose’s Palm Beach Engagement Session

Emily + Jose

How did you both meet?

Jose and I lived in the same dorm freshman year at the University of Florida. We had many mutual friends and ended up talking constantly and getting lunch together almost every day in between classes. We officially started dating during our second semester of college!

How did Jose propose?

During the fifth year of our relationship, Jose moved to Atlanta to begin a PhD program. I was still living in Florida but preparing to move up to Georgia that summer after finishing graduate school. While I was at home in South Florida, he called me (supposedly from Atlanta) to let me know that he had ordered Mother’s Day flowers for my mom and that he had received a notification they were delivered. I went outside the house and saw the flowers. Instead of a Mother’s Day card though, the card was addressed to me and had an amazing note from him inside! I looked up and saw him walking down the sidewalk, all dressed up (while I was still in my pajamas!). He got down on one knee and proposed!

What do you envision for your wedding day?

We envision our wedding day to be elegant, joyful, and memorable!  We are having a smaller, more intimate wedding and cannot wait to marry each other and celebrate the day with close family and friends.




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