Catherine + Tim’s Riverbend Park Engagement Session

Catherine + Tim

Where did you both meet?

We met in one of our college classes and would make small talk after class. One night I happened to have dinner at the restaurant he worked at and we realized we lived within minutes of each other. As I left the restaurant he chased me down outside and asked me on a date. The rest is history.

How did Tim propose?

Well, he originally had planned to propose on a vacation we had coming up, but he wound up proposing spur-of-the-moment after a dinner date. He got down on one knee right in my driveway. No one knew he was going to propose that night, not even him! He said he couldn’t wait any longer.

What do you envision for your wedding day?

I envision it being a very emotional, but happy day! Aside from all the tears that will be flowing, Tim and I really want everyone to have a blast! We’re having a pretty big wedding and some family flying in. We want it to be a night to remember for us and for everyone who will be surrounding us that day.





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