Ashley + Austin’s Palm Beach Engagement Session

Ashley + Austin

How did you both meet? I always joke around with people when they ask where we met. I respond and say, “We met the traditional way…..on!” Austin came across my profile and messaged me! I emailed him back and we talked for a week before meeting up. He insisted on picking me up for our date even though he was closer to the restaurant near Ft.Lauderdale. Since he was relatively new to the area and we shared a love of sushi, so I suggested Sushi Rock on Las Olas in Ft.Lauderdale. Dinner went great which led to dancing and drinks at America’s Backyard and Vibe and our date turned into us spending the entire weekend together. We discovered we shared the similar interests and family values. I loved how chivarlous and witty he was and he was instantly drawn to my southern charm and smile! We shortly started to become serious after that and the rest is history as they say! 🙂

Where did Austin propose? Austin and I decided to visit the west coast of Florida in Naples. We went during my Spring Break last March right before Easter. We spent the day walking on the beautiful white sand and enjoying the sunset on the pier. Later that evening we splurged on a romantic seaside dinner at HB’s on the Gulf at The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. Although it was surprisingly cold for March and couldn’t sit outside, we cozied up on their covered patio and kept warm by a nearby heater. Afterwards we had drinks at Sunset Beach Bar and Grill and enjoyed our last night in Naples. When it was late and time to head back to the hotel, Austin insisted on talking a walk on the beach under the full lit moon. I tried to protest as it was in the low 50’s and extremely windy but he was adamant about savoring every moment we had so I gave in. I went to go freshen up and when I came outside Austin was no where to be found! He quickly appeared running towards me from the beach and wanted to show me something. While we walked along the beach he told me how much he loved me and wonderful our trip was this week. We walked closer to the water and when we got there he started to get nervous and looked around. At that point he very sweetly told me to turn around and wait a few seconds before turning back around. When he was ready he told me to turn around and when I did he was kneeling on one leg and had written in the sand “Will You Marry Me?” He grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him! I said yes and just as I said that the waves came and washed away his proposal once again! We quickly ended our walk and ran inside to call family and friends despite the fact that it was after midnight! And so the planning started right away as soon as we returned home!

What do you envision for your wedding day? On our wedding day we envision being surrounded by our very dear family and friends! Most of our families do not live in Florida, so it really means a lot to us that our family will travel quite a distance in order to be a part of a special day! We are getting married in the springtime so we wanted our wedding to feel romantic, cheerful and with an inspired vintage feel that is inviting to everyone. Plus, the weather should be beautiful in April!



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