Jennifer + Jared’s Boca Raton Wedding at the Addison

Jennifer + Jared

What was the one moment on your wedding day that is most memorable? 

After our officiant announced us as husband and wife, I turned around and really took in how beautiful the ceremony was.  The sun had just set and I looked out into the crowd, with Jared’s hand in mine, and felt such an overwhelming feeling of joy and love.  I can’t explain how happy I was in that moment and how much it meant to me to have all of those people there celebrating Jared and I.

Did you have something borrowed, something blue, and something new?

Something Borrowed: Veil from Brittney Eldridge, one of my childhood best friends.  She let me borrow her veil and I had lace added to it to match my dress.  It was so beautiful!

Something New: bracelet from Claire Kelly, one of my closest Florida friends.  She bought me a pearl bracelet for my wedding shower.

Something Blue: safety pin of charms from Kelly Ippoliti, one of my closest college friends.  She made me a pin full of charms that each had a meaning behind marriage.  The something blue part of the charm was her son’s birthstone which made it even more special.

Something Old: a gold heart that I safety pinned into my dress from Diana Hallenbeck, one of my closest childhood friends.  Her mother gave her two gold hearts years ago and she gave me one of them on my wedding day to have.  She said that even though we live miles apart- that our hearts are always close together.  I now have one and she has one to wear.

What details or traditions did you include on your wedding day? 

I think everything was a detail! haha We spent a lot of time on the little details of our wedding, from what color tablecloths, napkins, and centerpieces went on each table to our bridal party introductions.  Watching our bridal party have to guess who DJ Prievo was talking about during their introductions was absolutely hilarious!   We had a photo theme so I incorporated a lot of pictures of Jared and I throughout our decor. I even had someone decorate the bathroom stalls to match our decor.

We didn’t have too many traditions incorporated into our wedding- I tried to do things a little different.  The one thing we did that is always done at every family was play the songs: “Hooka Tooka” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”…so that everyone can get on the mic and sing along.

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding? 

·      Make sure your hair/makeup artist is not running behind or it will push everything behind.  My morning was so relaxed and I had so much fun getting ready with my bridesmaids but we ended up running behind schedule with my hair and makeup and it pushed everything back and caused me to feel really rushed in the hour or two right before the ceremony.

·      Take the time to think about the little details- it will pay off.  Take the time to think about what others would want and how to make them feel special.  The little touches do matter!

·      ENJOY every moment of the planning because it goes by so quick!  When I got engaged, I promised myself that I wouldn’t become one of those stressed out brides who constantly complained about the planning and how overwhelmed she was.  I made sure to stay true to that promise I made.  I enjoyed everything about planning my wedding and it all came together perfectly.

·      Hire someone to video your wedding because it goes by WAY too fast and you barely get time to take it all in!

What was your inspiration for your wedding day? 

When I started planning my day, I didn’t know what colors or theme I wanted.  When I found the bridesmaid dress that I liked, everything started flowing together.  I then thought of the Baroque pattern by Vera Bradley and started basing everything around that.  My mom came up with the photo theme idea and she was my true inspiration for my wedding.  She helped me with so much of the planning and I couldn’t have done it without her.  But the one thing I kept in mind during the entire planning time, was that I wanted our family and friends to walk away feeling the love the Jared and I share for each other and for them.  I wanted them to above all else- have a blast, but also to know how much thought I put into the day to make them feel special.

Getting ready: Embassy Suites – Ceremony/Reception: The Addison – Addison Expert: Cindy Pierce – Makeup: Jenna from Kiss this Makeup – Cake: Creative Cake Factory – Florist: Daniel Events DJ: Dustin Prievo





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