Lauren + Brian’s Downtown Palm Beach Engagement Session

Lauren + Brian

Where did you both meet?

We met in Boston while I was on a weekend visit to my best friend in college there. We wound up at the same party and almost immediately hit it off. We talked all the next day and he asked me out to dinner that night which I thought was absolutely crazy because at the time he lived there in Boston and I was flying home to Alabama the next morning. I went on the date anyway and I flew back to Alabama and we just never quit talking and continued to make trips back and forth until we both moved to Gainesville.

How did Brian propose?
I apparently made the proposal quite difficult. He had this whole thing planned out for a Friday night with Christmas lights and snow involved and earlier in the week right before it was supposed to happen, my work schedule changed and I wound up working over night that night, so he had to postpone it and re-plan the whole thing with only days notice. He wound up scheduling me a massage and then asked me to have a date night which was pretty normal for us. As we were leaving the apartment I stepped in a bunch of white stuff that turned out to be snow that he had laid down, in the background he had the song Marry Me playing from someone’s car, then right there he got down on one knee and asked me. He had my Mom and Stepfather hiding in the car to watch the whole thing and had two friends there, one sprinkling snow on our heads and the other taking pictures and recording. It was perfect! We went to dinner after that and then he secretly had all our friends meet us at our favorite bar and we just partied all night.

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