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Valerie + Rob’s | Disney Dream Cruise Wedding

Valerie + Rob

How did Rob and I meet?
Rob and I met while working in Indianapolis at a law firm. We were in different departments, but our paths crossed daily. A friend who knew us both said that he liked me; he mostly kept to himself, but would joke around with me and that meant something. One day we both mentioned wanting to see the same movie; we made plans and that was how we started dating!

How did Rob propose?
Well, we both came to the conclusion that, after dating for two years it was the logical next step. One evening we were sitting on the couch and he asked if I would marry him; it was simple and sweet!

Planning a Disney Cruise Wedding
Ever since college, I knew I wanted a Disney wedding. I first looked into the venue options at Walt Disney World but the ones Rob and I agreed on wouldn’t work with our guest list and budget. I wanted a fun yet simple wedding on the beach, and the Disney Cruise Line option met my criteria perfectly! We chose the four night Bahamian sailing on the Disney Dream because four nights would be a nice length of cruise for our guests, and no one had sailed on the Dream yet so that would be a new experience for everyone.

What was the inspiration behind my earrings?
I searched and searched on Etsy for the perfect wedding earrings…. I thought I’d never find that perfect pair that really meant something to me. One day I came across the latitude / longitude earrings and was like, that’s it!! My earrings are the coordinates for Castaway Cay; I’ll always have a link to my wedding day and the location when I wear them.

What was my most memorable moment?
Being one of the only Disney Cruise Brides to have her Castaway Cay ceremony rained out is definitely memorable, but not a happy one. One happy memory I do have, is when Rob and I met up with Stacey and Brandon to go to the island for photos after the rain stopped. We had just swiped our key cards to leave the ship, and saw a huge group of fellow cruisers in line to get back on the ship. When everyone saw us in our wedding clothes, they erupted in clapping and cheering and yelling congratulations; it was amazing! I was overcome with emotion and felt like a celebrity! It was so neat to see all these strangers so happy for us and joining in to celebrate Rob’s and my wedding day.

What advice would I give to others planning a Cruise wedding?
Research the time of year you want to cruise. The month you choose can really affect the cost of cruise staterooms and possible weather. Other than that, it’s an easy process. The wedding package is an add-on to the stateroom fare, and includes limited choices for cake design and bouquet styles. It’s a great option for those on a budget who still want a beautiful Disney wedding in a tropical location.

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